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Pride (LGBTQ+) Candle Collection

At De'Vine Beauty Shop, we believe in honoring and celebrating love in all its forms. Our Pride (LGBTQ+) Candle Collection is a testament to our unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community, a cause we've championed for over 30 years.

Each candle in this collection is more than just a fragrance; it's a symbol of acceptance, respect, and the freedom to love who you love. Whether you're lighting a candle for a quiet moment of reflection or to create a warm, inviting atmosphere, our Pride (LGBTQ+) candles are here to remind you that love is love, and it deserves to be celebrated.

As the mother of a lesbian, this collection holds a special place in our hearts. We know firsthand the importance of respecting individuals for who they are as human beings, not by who they love. It's a message we've instilled in our family and one we're proud to share with you through our Pride (LGBTQ+) Candle Collection.

Join us in spreading love, acceptance, and positivity with every flicker of the flame. Because at De'Vine Beauty Shop, everyone deserves to shine brightly, just as they are.