Covid-19 Sanitation Procedures

Please note that De'Vine Beauty Shop understands that we are in the middle of a pandemic.  However, we still have to make sure that we have fabulous, healthy skin.  For this reason we are taking extra sanitary precautions.

*Utensils are sterilized with alcohol before every use.

*Bottles and Jars are sterilized and soaked in bleach prior to use.

*Gloves are worn during the preparation process of all items (Especially the candles cause I don't like the wax on my hands when I'm doing more than making candles. Imagine how many pairs of gloves I go through 🤣🤣🤣)

*All jars are shrink wrapped to insure that the contents are safe from leaking and being "damaged" during the shipping process. This also ensures that the jars can not be reopened once they have been packaged. - (This process is for all skincare products.)

If you have any further questions it concerns please feel free to contact me at