Your Skin Is A Sponge

Your Skin Is A Sponge

What you put on your skin you should be able to eat. Going through detox while still applying chemicalized products on your skin makes your detox null & void. Being healthy internally is just as important as being healthy externally. 

This may bore you but I'm going to give you a little biology lesson regarding your skin. Then, maybe, you'll understand my comment. About your “detox” or none thereof.

The skin is the body's largest organ. Your body has 6 lbs of skin per. 18 sqft. that is covered. So if you weigh 175 lbs. you are carrying 525 lbs. of skin. 

As an organ, your skin holds tiny veins and arteries filled with blood. The network of blood vessels that your skin holds provides your skin with the nutrients that it needs. The 3 layers that your skin is constructed of plays different roles:



Epidermis (Top Layer): 

  • Protects skin from the environment 
  • Carries Keratin which waterproofs the skin 
  • Creates our skin tone

Dermis (Middle):

  • Holds the cells that give the skin strength, support & flexibility 
  • Made mostly of collagen
  • Loses strength and flexibility with age

Hypodermis (Bottom):

  • Holds fat cells & tissue that insulates the body
  • Helps control heat
  • The thickest layer of skin

Okay, biology lesson is over. Sorry if I bored you but since detoxing seems to be the fab of today I felt that someone needed to tell you that cleansing your insides mean NOTHING if the outside of your body is still dirty. With that lotion you just used you’ve actually put the same chemicals that you “cleansed” your body from back into your body. 

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 Why wait?! Your skin will be thankful.

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