Things You Should Know About Healthy Eating

Things You Should Know About Healthy Eating

We all say we want to eat healthy but most of us really don't know what that means.  We cut out carbs and think that’s all we have to do. Sorry to tell you but you must do a lot more than that to lose those 20 pounds. You can still eat some carbs and lose weight. Like bread for example.

I’m a bread lover and it was hurting my heart that I couldn’t eat bread. After 1 year without having bread, I talked with my nutritionist, and she told me that I should eat bread for these 5 reasons.

  • Provides a source of fiber and B vitamins.
  • Portion already prepared. (They are in slices.)
  • It’s a versatile food.
  • It's not expensive.
  • An easy way to get in healthy carbs.

She also informed me that there is healthy bread. She suggested that I try 100% Whole Wheat bread. She also explained that there are 4 key elements that we need to think about when we are eating.  Those 4 elements are the daily intake of sodium, calories, carbs, and sugar.  

There is a daily intake of these 4 elements that we should abide by. If we do it’s promised that we will lose weight (with exercise of course).

  • Sodium intake should be 2,300 mg daily. Example (these are foods that I ate frequently): Waffles 350 mg (I miss them). A slice of pizza (my favorite is 640 mg). A bag of Doritos 210 mg (x’s 2 because you never eat one bag). Sub sandwich from corner store 1,362 mg. Canada Dry Ginger Ale 50 mg.
  • Calorie intake should be 1,380a day. Example: Waffles 180 calories (I miss them). A slice of pizza (my favorite) is 285 calories. A bag of Doritos 140 calories (x’s 2 because you never eat one bag). Sub sandwich from corner store 300 calories. Canada Dry Ginger Ale 140 calories.
  • Carb intake is 172 grams a day. Example: Waffles 30 g. A slice of pizza 36 g. A bag of Doritos 18 g (x’s 2 because you never eat one bag). Sub sandwich from corner store 31 grams. Canada Dry Ginger Ale 32 g.
  • Sugar intake is 52 grams a day. Example: Waffles 1.9 g. A slice of pizza 3.8 g. A bag of Doritos 1 g (x’s 2 because you never eat one bag). Sub sandwich from corner store 4 g. Canada Dry Ginger Ale 36 g.

Funny thing is that all these elements are important to our bodies.

Why is sodium intake important?

Sodium is a key nutrient that our body needs but in small portions to maintain a balance of body fluids. Sodium keeps the muscles and nerves running smoothly. Most of us eat too much salt and don’t even know it.

Why should I watch my calories?

Counting calories helps people lose weight and sustain healthy weight. Your body uses calories form the foods you eat for energy. The rest of the calories are stored as fat. Eating more calories than you lose can result in you becoming overweight and obese.  You are also prone to diseases like cancer and other health issues.

What are carbs?

Carbohydrates (also called carbs) is a nutrient in certain foods and drinks that our bodies need large quantities of.  Carbs are sugars, starches and fiber.

How does the body process carbohydrates?

The digestive system breaks down carbs into blood sugar (glucose). Your bloodstream absorbs the glucose and uses it as energy.

The amount of carbs you consume are important because it affects blood sugar. A lot of carbs can raise blood sugar levels causing high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) which can put you at risk for diabetes. People who don’t eat enough carbs have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).

We love carbs. Bread, rice, potato chip, French fries, pizza… all that stuff. That’s the first thong we cut out of our diets when we decide to eat healthier. However, we don’t know what carbs to replace them with.

Listed below are some good carbs that can be added to our diets:

  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Popcorn
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Oatmeal
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Beans
  • Edamame Seeds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Peas
  • Bananas
  • Carrots

Okay, so we probably think once we have the carbs down packed then we are done without diet reform forgetting one important element, sugar. Sugar is an important source of energy.

Why do I need sugar?

Glucose is the most important nutrient for the body. The brain requires 130 grams of sugar (glucose) per day to function. Glucose can be found in different foods including fruit, vegetables and honey.

The body does not know the difference between the sugars used in food or in the home from those found naturally in fruits and vegetables. For example, the sucrose (also known as table sugar), in an apple is broken down the same way as the sucrose in a sugar bowl. However, the amount of sucrose absorbed can vary depending on its source. Apple juice has twice the sugar of a medium apple.

After all of this you’ve probably said a few things to yourself. Things like, “F@#! this diet.”, “This is too much to remember.” or “I’m just going to eat… period.” And I get it.

Eating healthy is not easy when your accustomed to eating poorly.  Let’s face it. Our diet’s were not the best and now that we admitted it we can take the steps to make the change.

Here are the steps I took to eating healthier:

  • Found some healthy recipes of foods that I like.
  • Made sure I planned my meals the day before.
  • Made cooking fun by experimenting in the kitchen.

I would like to share this recipe that I found for low carb pizza.  Hopefully this will encourage you.


Healthy eating can be fun.


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